Belgian Presenter's Grant

Belgian Presenter's Grant

03/07/2017 - 11:50

Have you thought about presenting at the IATEFL Conference 2018 in Brighton? Are you worried about the expense? Well, read about the new BELGIAN PRESENTER'S TRAVEL GRANT be offered to a lucky BELTA member who submits a proposal and has it accepted for presentation at IATEFL 2018!

As an Associate Member of IATEFL, the BELTA Board would like to encourage its members to attend an IATEFL Conference. If you like BELTA Day, you will love IATEFL. Around 3000 delegates from all over the world regularly attend the four-day conference. 100s of talks and workshops are scattered throughout the four days; each day begins with an inspiring plenary and ends with evening activities, like a QUIZ, and sometimes day trips are offered. It is a wonderful experience, and you will come back with loads of new ideas for application in your classroom.

The IATEFL conference can be expensive. One thing that will make it a bit cheaper is if you become a member of IATEFL. As a member of BELTA, you are entitled to a reduced membership fee to join IATEFL. If you are interested in becoming an IATEFL member, please contact us at our general email or at our membership email. We will gladly send you the form, which you fill out and return to us; once you have completed the form, you can pay the reduced fee and within two weeks you will receive your membership card.

Another way BELTA is encouraging participating is through the Joris De Roy Memorial Travel Grant, which we awarded at BELTA Day 2017. The travel grant, valued at 600 euros, was awarded to Ria Oris. Shortly after BELTA Day 2017, the travel grant was renamed after our late Board Member, Joris De Roy. We will continue to offer this grant at future BELTA Days.

Today, we are announcing another way that BELTA is supporting participating: The Belgian Presenter's Travel Grant. This travel grant, also valued at 600 euros, will be award to a BELTA member who has submitted a successful proposal to IATEFL 2018 Brighton. Here are the general guidelines:

1. You must be a member of both BELTA and IATEFL to be eligible.

2. You need to submit a proposal (by Thursday, 14 September 2017); that proposal needs to be accepted for presentation (notification at the end of November).

3. You need to submit to BELTA a copy of your proposal and a copy of your acceptance letter by 5 December 2017.

4. In January, a winner will be announced.

You can read more about the grant by opening the PDF document below. You can read more about the guidelines for submitting a proposal in the second PDF document.

Good Luck!

PDF icon Speaker's Guidelines for submitting a proposal to IATEFL203.72 KB
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