IATEFL Brighton 2018 Conference Information

IATEFL Brighton 2018 Conference Information

01/07/2017 - 12:34

The 2018 edition of the IATEFL Conference will be held in Brighton, UK from 10 April 2018 until 13 April 2018, with the Pre-Conference Events happening on 9 April. Are you interested in being one of the over 3000 delegates from all over the world? Then read this post for more information about: 1. registering 2. submitting a speaker's proposal 3. applying for a scholarship (deadline: 18 July 2017)

The IATEFL Conference is the premier event for all English Language Professionals. This year's event will be held in sunny Brighton in the southern part of the UK. This four-day conference includes a variety of plenary speakers and sessions that will help you be a better English Language Teacher!

Brighton is a great destination for the conference. If all goes well, the weather during the 2nd week of April will be warm and sunny. There are a number of great cultural attractions to visit while you are there, including The Royal Pavilion.

The Conference falls during our Easter holiday period here in Belgium. Maybe you can convince your school to help pay for your attendance at the conference. You can also supplement your expenses by applying for and winning one of the many scholarships available. NOTE: If you want to win a scholarship, you need to become an IATEFL Member. Because you are a member of BELTA, you are entitled to a reduced membership fee to join IATEFL. If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please contact us and request the form. Once you have filled out and returned the form to us, we will add information about your BELTA Membership and send it to IATEFL. Shortly after they receive the form, you will receive your membership card from IATEFL. Then you can apply for a scholarship and register for the conference at the Member's fee, which is slightly cheaper. It works! Last year, Natascha Coene followed this procedure, became an IATEFL member, and attended the conference in Glasgow! Send an email to either our general email account or our membership account.

To learn about the available scholarships, click here.

It is never too early to register for the conference, You can register for the IATEFL 2018 Conference using this link. You can save your registration and pay later if you like, but remember YOUR REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOU PAY.

Would you like to be one of the 100s of speakers? Do you have some great ideas you want to share with your colleagues? Then think about submitting a speaker's proposal. You can use the same link that you use for registering to submit your speaker's proposal. ALL PROPOSALS ARE DUE BY THURSDAY, 14 SEPTEMBER with notification in November of your status. If your proposal is accepted, you will need to pay your registration fee in December.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please read these guidelines; they will help you to submit a viable proposal.

We hope to see you in Brighton!

IATEFL Brighton 2018 Conference Information