Upcoming webinar with Ron Morrain, October 8

Upcoming webinar with Ron Morrain, October 8

02/10/2017 - 15:47

Using mind maps in the classroom

You may be familiar with the concept of mind maps, but it is only when you start using them in the classroom that you discover how that they can open up a completely new world of learning possibilities. This webinar explains the why of incorporating ready-made mind maps (RMMs) into your cache of teaching strategies, and how they can transform the way you approach a huge variety of topics in the English-teaching classroom. The integration of ready-made mind maps (RMMs) can help to stimulate and drive any learning experience - not just L2 acquisition. They are also great for CLIL classes, for example Business English, Communications, Intercultural Competence, Interviewing, and Social Studies.

Questions which will be answered during this webinar are:

  • What is a ready-made mind map (RMM)?
  • How do RMMS promote meaningful learning?
  • How do RMMs promote storytelling?
  • How does a RMMs integrate the four Cs of learning?
  • What is a RMM product?
  • How can RMMs check learning transfer incrementally during a learning cycle?
  • How can RMMs support skills-oriented learning and knowledge transfer?
  • How do RMMs help to integrate technology into the learning process?
  • What should the learning objectives of RMM be?
  • What elements are integrated into the creation of a RMM?
  • How does the role of a teacher change when using a RMM?
  • What teaching approaches does the successful implementation RMMs require?