Joris De Roy Memorial Grant Application form 2023


I hereby apply for the Joris De Roy Memorial Grant to win IATEFL Associate membership for one year, the early-bird registration fee to attend the IATEFL conference 2024 in the United Kingdom and free entry to BELTA Day 2024.
The IATEFL Conference 2024 will take place in Brighton, England, from 15 to 19 April 2024.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The IATEFL conference 2024 is NOT in the Belgian school holidays.

I confirm that

  1. I have read and understood the General Information page about the Joris De Roy Memorial Grant

  2. I reside in Belgium

  3. I have not won a BELTA grant before

  4. I am available to travel from 15-19 April 2024

  5. I will attend the IATEFL conference 2024

  6. I will print out a Certificate of Attendance, scan the certificate upon my return and send it to

  7. I agree to write a blog post for the BELTA blog about the conference

  8. I agree to pay my IATEFL Associate membership and the IATEFL 2024 early-bird conference fees myself before sending proofs of payment and my banking details to BELTA so they can reimburse me.

Please PRINT out, FILL IN and SIGN the Application Form 2023 in attachment and bring it to BELTA Day on 22 April 2023.
Drop your application form in the Grant box on the BELTA table in the Exhibition Hall.