2nd IATEFL Grant Winner Announced!

2nd IATEFL Grant Winner Announced!

26/12/2017 - 11:29

The BELTA Board would like to congratulate the winner of the first ever BELGIAN PRESENTER’S IATEFL TRAVEL GRANT: Natascha Coene!

Natascha, who is a teacher at Saint Aloysiuscollege in Diksmuide, submitted a proposal which was accepted by the IATEFL Conference Committee. Her 30-minute session, called ‘Three types of presentations used to write a reading portfolio,’ will be delivered on Tuesday, 09 April 2018. In addition, Natascha will also present at BELTA Day 2018 as part of the requirements of this grant.

Natascha, upon her return from Brighton, will receive €600 to cover her expenses travelling to and from Brighton and staying in Brighton for the conference.

Those of us from the BELTA Board who will also be in attendance in Brighton are looking forward to Natascha’s presentation. Remember you can catach Natascha’s presentation at BELTA Day 2018 on 5 May 2018 at Erasmushogeschool in Brussels!

Hopefully Ria Oris, the first IATEFL Travel Grant winner who won the JORIS DE ROY MEMORIAL TRAVEL GRANT at BELTA Day 2017, will also be in attendance.

If you would like to get the chance to win either of our two travel grants – the JORIS DE ROY MEMORIAL TRAVEL GRANT to attend the IATEFL Conference or the BELGIAN PRESENTER’S IATEFL TRAVEL GRANT – you need to be a member of both BELTA and IATEFL. You can check out the membership benefits and fees for BELTA on our ‘Become a Member’ page. After joining BELTA, you can write to our membership officer – Mieke Kenis – for the application to join IATEFL at a significantly reduced fee!

Belgian Presenter's IATEFL Travel Grant Winner - Natascha Coene