Ania Gębka-Suska

Oral placement tests that take only 6 minutes

Audience focus: All


Correct placement is vital to ensure student satisfaction with any language course. Lengthy written placement tests require a significant amount of time and effort from the language school. During busy enrollment periods, students are often kept waiting to determine their level, which can lead to irritation.
To address this issue, I devised a very short oral test that efficiently assesses students' levels up to pre-FCE and can be used when time is limited. The test is based on the assumption that students rely on their previously acquired knowledge when memorizing new structures.

During my workshop, I will first ask participants to take the test themselves as part of an experiment. We will then discuss their experiences.
Later, I will explain the rationale behind the test and demonstrate how teachers can design and implement it themselves. Although the test was initially designed for Polish students, I am convinced it can be easily adapted to any teaching context. More importantly, it can be customized by any teacher to suit their specific group of students.g premature conclusions and hasty opinions. For language teachers, this will serve as inspiration to incorporate more conversations into their classes.


Passionate about teaching, not only languages, I am a teacher and inventor. As part of my own company, 4ELT (For Excellence in Language Teaching), I create teaching materials, including 'prompts4ELT' fiches, as well as the 'hop4ELT,' 'Playground,' and 'Hide-and-Seek @ Playground' apps.
I train teachers and produce videos demonstrating effective teaching methods. But first and foremost, I teach English.
At BELTA Day, I represent IATEFL Poland, which has been a BELTA partner for many years.
IATEFL Poland is the association with which I have been involved since its beginnings, and for which I now serve as treasurer.