BELTA Grants and PDA Fund

BELTA's main mission is to encourage the professional development of English language teachers in Belgium.
Right from the start we have tried to do that mainly by offering possibilities for discussion and the exchange of ideas and experience through face-to-face events like BELTA Day, online events like the BELTA webinars and digital materials on the BELTA Blog.
In addition to these activities, the idea arose in 2017 to also encourage professional development by giving BELTA Grants, to financially support teachers. The Professional Development Aid (PDA ) fund was set up to this end.

BELTA is an Associate of IATEFL, the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.
"IATEFL is a global professional membership association, and a UK registered charity, and yet we remain a community. We support teachers and other ELT professionals in their professional development, and provide a platform where they can offer their views, exchange research and teaching experiences and learn from each other." (from IATEFL website)

BELTA has always encouraged its members to get to know IATEFL, join IATEFL as members and take part in IATEFL events.
That is why the Board decided that BELTA grants would support teachers financially to become IATEFL members and to attend the IATEFL conference in the UK.
In this way BELTA gives the winners of the grant the opportunity to join a worldwide network of English teachers and attend the annual IATEFL conference with thousands of other teachers from all over the world.
Everyone who has ever attended an IATEFL conference, describes the experience as unique and unforgettable, one that every English teacher should enjoy at least once in their career.

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