Joris De Roy Memorial Grant


At the end of BELTA Day, BELTA awards the Joris De Roy Memorial Grant to two lucky winners.
The grants come from the Professional Development Aid fund, which was started in 2017. Read all about the fund here.

What does the Joris De Roy Memorial Grant consist of?

The winner of the grant receives:

  • one-year Associate membership of IATEFL

  • the early-bird registration fee to attend the IATEFL conference in the UK (without any pre-conference events)

  • free entry to BELTA Day the year after

All in all this grant amounts to about 350 euros.

Who can win the Joris De Roy Memorial Grant?

To win this grant, you have to:

  • reside in Belgium

  • fill in and sign the grant application form and drop it in the grant box on BELTA Day

  • be present at BELTA Day and stay until the winners are drawn.

You can only win this grant once. Previous winners of a BELTA grant cannot apply a second time.

What do applicants agree to?

  1. You agree to be available to travel during the conference. If the conference is held while school is in session, so not during a school holiday, you will need to secure permission from your school. Talk about this with your principal before applying for the grant.

  2. You agree to attend the IATEFL conference in the UK. The grant covers the early-bird registration fee only, not travel and accommodation costs.

  3. BELTA does not incur any responsibility regarding travel or cancellation insurance.

  4. When you are at the conference, you print out a Certificate of Attendance. You agree to scan the certificate upon your return and send it to
    Only then will you receive the reimbursement of the early-bird registration fee of the IATEFL conference in your bank account.

  5. Within two weeks after the conference you agree to write a blog post for the BELTA blog about the conference.

  6. When you attend BELTA Day the following year (free of charge) we would appreciate it if you shared your experience from the IATEFL Conference.

Procedure on BELTA Day

The two winners will be announced at the end of the raffle and must be present to win. If someone enters but is not present, a new name will be drawn.
BELTA will continue to draw names until two winners who are present are identified.

Practical information

IATEFL Membership fee

Immediately after BELTA Day, the winner can already become an IATEFL member by paying the Associate membership fee.
The winner then sends their proof of payment and banking details to and will be reimbursed by BELTA for the amount of the membership.
The current Associate membership fee is £27.

Early-bird registration fee to the IATEFL Conference

When registration for the IATEFL conference opens, the winner registers and pays the early-bird fee for the conference. After returning from the conference and mailing their proof of payment and their scanned Certificate of Attendance, BELTA will reimburse the early-bird conference fee.

How to apply?

Find the 2024 Application form here.

If any part of this information is not clear, please do ask a member of the BELTA Board before submitting your application form on BELTA Day.