Professional Development Aid Fund (PDA)

Purpose of the fund

The purpose of the fund is simple: ‘To provide financial support for Belgian English language teachers seeking professional development opportunities.’ Your donation will help and encourage Belgian English teachers to seek out new professional development opportunities.

History of the fund

In 2017, just prior to BELTA Day, our annual conference, we received an anonymous donation of €1200, with the stipulation that the money was to be earmarked towards encouraging Belgian English language teachers to attend the IATEFL conference in the UK. IATEFL is the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, to which BELTA is affiliated. In accordance with this stipulation, we developed two grants:

The IATEFL Travel Grant – which was awarded to one lucky raffle winner on BELTA Day 2017. It offered €600 towards the expense of attending IATEFL 2018 as a participant.

The Belgian Presenter’s IATEFL Travel Grant – which was awarded to one BELTA member who was also a citizen of Belgium and offered €600 towards the expense of travelling to and presenting a session at IATEFL 2018.

It was always our hope that these grants would continue to be presented at future BELTA Day events, contingent on funds.

Then, shockingly, two weeks after BELTA Day 2017, BELTA Board member Joris De Roy suddenly passed away. According to Joris’ widow, it was his wish to keep the spirit of these ‘scholarships’ alive, which is why a fund was set up by Joris’ family with the idea that it would be turned over to BELTA as a scholarship fund for professional development aid for Belgian English language teachers. At the same time, we renamed the The IATEFL Travel Grant to The Joris De Roy Memorial Travel Grant.

In keeping with Joris’ wishes, BELTA has established a separate bank account dedicated to his request. We are extremely fortunate that the initial seed money has been donated from Joris’ family and close friends.

After a few years when no grants were awarded, BELTA will revive the tradition for BELTA Day 2022.
The BELTA Board decided to keep only one type of grant, but there will be two lucky winners.
The Joris De Roy Memorial Travel Grant became the Joris De Roy Memorial Grant and will cover IATEFL membership, the IATEFL Conference fee and a free BELTA Day for two lucky winners.

Donating to the fund

Now that the Professional Development Aid fund has been established, you can make a donation to the fund, allowing it to grow and allowing us to continue to award professional development opportunities to teachers and teacher trainees throughout Belgium.

Please click on this page and you will be directed to a form where you can indicate your name and the amount of your donation. In addition, you will be asked if you want your name to be included in our list of donors, which is published on our website and in our Newsletter.

Here is the information you need to make a bank transfer:

KBC Bank
Grote Markt 13
3200 Aarschot
IBAN BE30 7330 5839 2111

Thank you for helping BELTA support professional development opportunities for Belgian English language teachers!