Anna Varna

Learning with Art

Length: 40 minutes
Audience focus: Teachers of adolescent leaners, Teachers of adult learners, Business English teachers, Academic English teachers, Freelance teachers, Teacher trainers, English for Specific Purposes, Teachers of young learners

How introducing works of art can transform learning and learners in an English classroom. A workshop that will demonstrate a method of working that can be applied in all settings and will provide participants with practical tools they will have the chance to experience themselves.
The participants of this workshop will follow themselves the steps they will apply in their classroom and will experience firsthand the transformative power of art and how we can all think creatively. At the end of the workshop they will be able to :
- identify works of art related to various topics (e.g. gender issues, racism, education)
- ask the right questions that will lead to critical thinking and deep reflection
- find the resources available online that will help them in their own teaching.


Anna Varna is an English Language Teacher in Greece. She is interested in arts, volunteering and learning about the brain.