Annelene Timmermans

It's Media Lit!

Length: 40 minutes
Audience focus: Teachers of adolescent learners, Teacher trainers

When we teach pupils how to assess a source, they are often shocked to discover that not every newspaper article can be trusted. How can we do away with these surprised reactions and have our teenagers (and teachers too) interact with the media in a more media literate way?
The lesson ideas and inspirational tips from this practical workshop about various aspects of media literacy will help teachers integrate media literacy into their language lessons, without wasting precious teaching time and with a minimum of extra lesson planning at home.
This way teachers can achieve their English curriculum goals, while raising youngsters to become critical thinkers.


Annelene Timmermans (Belgium) has been working in education for fourteen years and is currently teaching English (EFL) and Dutch in two secondary schools in Flanders.
She is a teacher trainer at the Master of Teaching programme at KU Leuven, and also has experience as a journalist.
As a language teacher, Annelene has been focusing on creating communicative classroom activities and integrating media literacy into language lessons. She is the organiser of the Media Lit Seminar.