Bart Buckinx: Create engaging and interactive exercises with Facebook Widgets

Presentation focus

During this workshop, you will learn how you can create interactive exercises for an iPad, a tablet and a PC. We will briefly review the capabilities of the Facebook Widgets software, targeting examples specifically for language teachers.

We will look at the exercises from the student’s point of view, how do they experience these exercises? Then we see the results of the exercises, and how we can send feedback to our students.

To use this software, only some basic knowledge is required:

• computing (copy / paste, save, file, ...);

• Internet (browsing, filling out forms, downloading, ...);

• mail (make sure you know your username and password, and know where you can pick up your mail online);

• enthusiasm and eagerness to learn

You will see that it really is not difficult, and if you can use Word and PowerPoint, you can use this too!