BiPurple EVE Award

01/04/2019 - 19:35

BELTA Day ’19 awarded the first ever BiPurple Badge from EVE! BELTA is proud to announce that BELTA Day ’19, in conjunction with BELTA Day ’18, has been awarded the first ever BiPurple Badge for gender parity of plenary speakers from EVE, Equal Voices in ELT. The purple badge, which is placed on our schedule for BELTA Day ’19, recognizes BELTA’s efforts to ensure that equal voices – male and female – make up their plenary speakers. 

According to their website (, ‘EVE stands for Equal Voices in ELT. It is an organisation created to recognise both gender and highly proficient speaker parity in keynotes and plenaries in ELT conferences and events worldwide.’ Over the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion in the ELT world concerning the disparity of plenary speakers, including a lack of female plenary speakers and non-native plenary speakers. EVE was established based on this discussion. Today, they recognize ELT conferences based on two general criteria: (1) gender parity, and (2) highly proficient L1/L2 parity.

A conference that achieves gender parity receives a purple badge while a conference that achieves highly proficient L1/L2 parity, a green badge. A platinum-grey on red badge is awarded to a conference that achieves both gender and highly proficient L1/L2 parity. Beginning this year, EVE will recognize smaller conferences, who only have one plenary speaker, by awarding BiEVE badges based on the present and the previous conference.

BELTA Day ’19, with plenary speaker Eowyn Crisfield, together with BELTA Day ’18, with plenary speaker Scott Thornbury, has been awarded the first ever BiPurple badge for gender parity over two years!

‘We strive hard to ensure that our annual BELTA Day conference mirrors the Belgian society, which is ripe with diversity.’ remarked John Arnold, President of BELTA. ‘Therefore, we are thrilled that the EVE organisers have awarded this prestigious honor.’

In addition to this two-year honour, BELTA Day ’19 includes a majority of female presenters and a majority of highly proficient L1/L2 speakers.

For more information about EVE, please consult their website!