BELTA Day '19: Meet the Speakers: John Arnold

BELTA Day '19: Meet the Speakers: John Arnold

Curating and Reproducing Lexical Chunks for All Students

John Arnold
Program Coordinator/Study Advisor/Lecturer
Thomas More University College of Applied Sciences, School of Media


Room: TBA

Length: 45 minutes

Main Conference Strand


The Lexical Approach, developed by Michael Lewis and championed by Hugh Dellar, Ken Lachman, Bruno Leys and others, is more than just getting students to memorise lists of chunks. It is about teaching students to recognize useable chunks and then reproducing them in appropriate contexts. This interactive workshop takes you through one approach to getting students to recognize and use lexical chunks more effectively.


John, an American educator, has lived and worked in Belgium for 12 years. During this time, he has been working at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences. Presently he is the program coordinator and a teacher in two international bachelor’s degree programs: International Media and Entertainment Business and International Communication and Media. In addition, to teaching a variety of students from all over the world, he gets to travel to recruit students to study in Belgium.

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