BELTA Day '19: Meet the Speakers: Marleen Geertsma

BELTA Day '19: Meet the Speakers: Marleen Geertsma

The CEFR: A learning ladder for the world

Marleen Geertsma

Country manager Benelux
Cambridge Assessment English


Room: TBA

Length: 45 minutes

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A description of the long-standing links between the Cambridge English approach to language learning and the CEFR - the Common European Framework of Reference - the leading global standard and tool for language education. A focus on the idea of progression that supports high quality language education including the new CEFR Companion Volume which extends the original 2001 CEFR publication with new scales of descriptors.


After having worked for 14 years as a French teacher in secondary education in the Netherlands, Marleen decided to move to Paris. She has worked for Cito (standard setting CEFR), College voor Toetsing en Examens and was the ambassador for French language in vmbo and mbo for Levende Talen in the Netherlands. Since October 2017 she started working as a country manager for Cambridge Assessment English.

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