BELTA Day '19: Meet the Speakers: Melanie Hussell

BELTA Day '19: Meet the Speakers: Melanie Hussell

Presentation Skills: Key for success in 2030?

Melanie Hussell
English with Melanie


Room: TBA

Length: 45 minutes

Main Conference Strand


What are the core job skills required in the future? How can we as English language teachers prepare our students and current workforce for one of them - Presentation Skills? In this session, you will learn and practise some simple techniques to help your learners know how to present in a more memorable and engaging way to become more effective communicators and improve their employability


Melanie Hussell is an ex-corporate manager with hands-on European experience across 3 different sectors. Now CELTA-trained, she works as a Business English Coach in Brussels, helping professionals to speak more clearly and more effectively in English.

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