BELTA Day '19: Meet the Speakers: Vasiliki Lismani

BELTA Day '19: Meet the Speakers: Vasiliki Lismani

Contextualizing English as a Foreign Language through students’ comic strips

Vasiliki Lismani
TESOL Greece


Room: TBA

Length: 45 minutes

Main Conference Strand


Many EFL learners do not have enough opportunities to practise the foreign language in real life situations where the mother tongue is mostly used. Based on a study case, it is attempted to explain how learning can become meaningful through learners’ comic strips. The potential benefits for the foreign language learning process in general will be investigated as well.


Working with learners of all levels and ages for the last 20 years, Vasiliki’s focus is on real life situations, cultural and global issues. Her articles regularly appear in EFL Magazine.

She holds a BA in Greek Literature from the University of Athens, an MA in Special and Inclusive Education from Nottingham Trent University and a CELTA Certificate.In February 2019 she is starting her MA in Applied Linguistics / TESOL in Hellenic American University, Athens Campus.

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