BELTA Day 2020 cancelled

The BELTA Board is sad to announce that BELTA Day 2020 has been cancelled.
May is still some weeks away but at this moment there are so many uncertainties that we feel this is the only decision we could take.
Although we are aware of the disappointment the cancellation will cause, we hope and are sure that our members will understand this decision, which was not taken lightly.
We think the safety of the delegates, the exhibitors, the volunteers, the Erasmushogeschool staff and all others involved has to be our primary concern. We did not want to postpone this decision any longer, in order to inform you well ahead of 9 May.

We would like to thank all speakers and exhibitors who had already committed to making it a great day of professional development.
It is our intention to organise BELTA Day 2021 with the same theme and the same speakers if they are still available in the spring of 2021.
We will keep you posted on the new date and all other relevant information via the BELTA website, the BELTA Newsletter and social media.

All people who have become members after last year’s BELTA Day or have already registered and paid for this year’s BELTA Day, will get free entry to the next BELTA Day.
As a gesture to compensate for this cancellation, all members whose membership would expire at the end of March, April or May 2020 will remain members for one more year, free of charge.
If you have any questions about membership, please mail to

As an association, in the next months we will try to keep the BELTA connection alive by reviving the blog, and organising our online webinars.
If you would like to contribute by writing a blog post or presenting a webinar, please contact us via

Our thoughts are with you all in these unusual and difficult times.
Keep calm, keep safe and keep connected.

The BELTA Board