Bruno Leys

Get the meaning? Making grammar exercises more effective

Audience focus: All


For many language teachers, grammar still seems to be the part of language teaching they struggle with most. Moreover, also a significant group of learners does not really consider grammar as their favourite language lesson activity.
In this interactive session we will explore how we can reshape traditional grammar exercise types, to help students notice how patterns of English grammar work and what meaning(s) they convey.
Furthermore, this shift in grammar practise towards awareness-raising with a focus on meaning first should lead to better practice and usage outcomes.


Bruno Leys is an experienced English teacher and teacher trainer. He currently works at VIVES University of Applied Sciences in Brugge. He has published several EFL coursebook series: Breakaway, Takeaway, High Five and Fastbreak. He also writes articles, tweets and blogs about TEFL, provides in-service training sessions and is a speaker on conferences in Belgium and abroad.