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The BELTA Board accepts two types of submissions for the BELTA Bulletin: (1) solicited and (2) unsolicited. Solicited submissions are handled via email by the Bulletin Editor, Paulina Christiaens, while the unsolicited submissions can be sent to the Editor via an online form. This page deals only with the unsolicited submissions.

What are the two types of unsolicited submissions accepted by BELTA?

There are two types of unsolicited submissions that are accepted for the BULLETIN: (a) articles and (b) classroom activities.

Articles include feature articles based on the theme of the issue or the theme of BELTA Day. They can also include the latest information regarding new and old methodologies, reviews of books of interest to the EFL community, review of events attended (like a conference or a webinar) and its application in your classroom, 'how-to' (for example, how to use an online tool), and so much more.

Classroom activities include practical classroom activities that you have tried out in your classroom. An activity consists of two parts: (a) a reproducible, black & white handout, and (b) a set of instructions for classroom usage.

If you need more information about your submission and the correct category, please contact the BULLETIN Editor at

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What are the upcoming themes of the Bulletin and BELTA Day?

The BELTA Bulletin

Fall 2018: The 'new' CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference of Languages)
Winter 2019: Motivation
Spring 2019: coming soon

What happens after I submit an article or an activity?

You will receive an email from the Editor indicating that your submission has been received and it's being reviewed. If your submission is accepted for publication or rejected for publication, you will receive an email from the Editor. If your submission is accepted, you may be asked to make some changes based on the language and/or length of the submission. If your submission is rejected, you will be told the reason why and possibly be asked to make some significant changes to be considered again.

What happens once my submission is published?

Once your submission is published, you will receive a PDF version of the BULLETIN that contains your submission. We ask that you do not share this publication for two years. After two years, the BULLETIN becomes publicly available and you may share your article. Sometimes we are contacted by other teaching associations who ask to use material from our BULLETIN; if your submission is requested, we will contact you and ask for your permission before sharing it.

How many submissions can I send?

As many as you can produce.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Editor via email.

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