Catherine Avery and Jean-Luc Delghust

Using English Outside of Class: The English Bucket List

Length: 40 minutes
Audience focus: Teachers of adolescent leaners, Teachers of adult learners, English for Specific Purposes

The English Bucket List is a tool to get your students engaging with real-world English outside the classroom, and improving their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in the process.
The Bucket List is a yearlong individual student project that was developed as part of second-year university course, but it could easily be adapted for secondary school students.
This presentation will look at how to help students write their Bucket List and then how to monitor and assess their progress on the different goals they have set themselves.
This presentation will explain how the Bucket List tool works and allow time for questions and discussion.


Catherine Avery is originally from the UK. She has lived in Belgium for the last seven years and has been working as an English teacher at the Institut des langues vivantes (ILV) at UCLouvain since 2015.
Jean-Luc Delghust teaches English and Dutch at the Institut des langues vivantes (ILV), where he is also an administrator and facilitator for Moodle UCL.