Chris Walklett

Teaching Tracks
Exploring language and themes through songs & song lyrics

Length: 40 minutes
Audience focus: Teachers of young learners, Teachers of adolescent leaners, Teachers of adult learners, Academic English teachers, English for Specific Purposes, Freelance teachers, Teacher trainers

Songs and especially their lyrics are an underused resource in ELT, which is odd as they contain everything needed for use in language teaching.
Their ability to focus on authentic in situ language (including vocabulary, grammar & pronunciation) is a real strong suit.
Songs also come into their own when thematic areas are being considered as they are a great way to educate and enlighten learners of all levels, abilities and backgrounds to important world issues – crucially, through the eyes of songwriters.
This session will offer guidance/criteria to assist attendees in making decisions about song selection and activity choice.


I am an EFL/ELT/EAP teacher/teacher trainer who also lectures History at a one of the UK's leading universities. My passion is using songs and song lyrics in the classroom - I am convinced of the learning potential inherent in songs, be it language, theme or otherwise.
I am the author of the Teaching Tracks series of books.