Chris Walklett

The Hills Are Alive - Tuning Into The Sound of Music

Audience focus: Teachers of young learners, Teachers of adolescent learners, Teachers of adult learners ,Teacher trainers, Freelance teachers


Warning! This session is not connected with the camp, wartime-based musical featuring Julie Andrews running around in the Alps, nor does it require you to yodel. :)
Rather, the focus in this dynamic and interactive part talk, part workshop is to supply ideas as to ways of using music, songs (and especially the in-situ language contained within their lyrics) in the language classroom.
The session will be focused particularly on at the extremities of the Common European Framework where it is perhaps less obvious how to use this resource. At lower levels it will highlight the importance of a focus on rhythm, sparse vocabulary, clear diction, uncomplicated grammar and repetition.
With regard to proficient users, it will consider whether wordy or speedily delivered songs or those with discursive, complicated themes are the way to go. This session aims to highlight the myriad of possibilities this resource affords and what a diverse and flexible tool it is for students of differing levels.

The hills are alive….so please tune in to the sound of music.


I am a university lecturer, teacher trainer and materials writer whose passion is using music, songs and song lyrics in the classroom. I am convinced of the learning potential inherent in songs, be it language, thematic or otherwise. I am also the author of the Teaching Tracks series of books that promote the use of music and songs in the language classroom.