Corinne McAlary

Corinne McAlary

Sundays with BELTA Webinar Series 2018-2019

Differentiation in the EFL Classroom

Corinne McAlary

24 February 2019


Differentiation is a hot topic in teaching. It is also an essential tool for greater inclusivity of learners with SEN (Special Educational Needs) such as dyslexia. This talk will give you a brief overview of what differentiation is and why we need to consider bringing it into our classrooms. We will then move on to some practical ideas for a range of student ages and levels, targeting a variety of language skills.

Corinne's Bio:

Corinne is an experienced English language teacher of both children and adults. She has taught in the UK and Portugal, and is now based in Italy. She has a particular interest in teaching SEN learners having chosen learners with dyslexia as her DELTA specialism, and in teaching teenagers. Corinne is also an aspiring writer, running a free teaching materials blog at

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