Daniel Sossi: Playing the moment

Presentation focus

There are two areas of focus here. Firstly, roleplay in the classroom to reinforce grammar topics, especially tense use; and secondly, storytelling and anecdotal activities to practise sentence construction, along with use of past tenses. The main thing is to encourage instinctive use of language at the moment of speaking, while intervening at certain moments to make key grammatical teaching points.

Why have you chosen this topic for your presentation?

Students invariably have struggles with tense use and word order, and it is hard to break them out of incorrect habits. By adopting a sense of 'play', I hope to catch students at key moments to recognise and apply better grammatical habits.

What do you want participants to take away from your presentation?

Firstly, to instill a sense of play and fun in the learning environment; and secondly, a mobilisation to try drama-based activity for precise linguistic focus points in their own classroom.


Daniel has been working for Linguapolis, University of Antwerp, for 13 years. In the meantime he has been employed as an acting coach and as a classroom teacher. He has established a multi-cultural improvisation theatre group "Mixed & United" in Antwerp and is always looking for ways to bridge the gap between English language and impro theatre teaching.