Daniel Zuchowski: Taking the task-based approach to the extreme

Presentation focus

The task-based approach has been applied by teachers around the world for decades – and it is still taught at most (if not all) pedagogical universities and teacher training courses. And rightly so, because the approach does work! However, as it is often confined to the classroom, its power to push learners out of their comfort zones into the areas of real challenge (i.e. learning) diminishes. In my talk, I will discuss a few of my ideas about how to make the most of the task-based approach in and out of the classroom by taking it to the extreme.


Daniel Zuchowski is an English language consultant and trainer, as well as a teacher trainer, with keen interest in teaching methodologies, corpus linguistics and materials writing. He holds an MA in Corpus Linguistics and an MA in TESOL, and he is currently researching for his PhD in Applied Linguistics. His second book will be published in autumn 2017.

Twitter: @DanielZuchowsky