Djalal Tebib

Djalal Tebib

Sundays with BELTA Webinar Series 2018-2019

Bringing HONY into the classroom

Djalal Tebib

28 October 2018


The Humans of New York (HONY) project on Facebook has had a lot of impact on social media. The images and stories from this project are perfect to use in the EFL classroom. By confronting students with this engaging and most importantly authentic material, you can really enhance their motivation. In this talk, Djalal will talk about several of the activities he himself has come up with involving the HONY project. A few examples: music assisted reading, quote generative writing, music inspired writing, quotographs, etc.

Djalal's Bio:

Djalal Tebib, originally from Algeria, is an experienced EFL teacher and aspiring writer who is keen on designing his own classroom activities. He holds a doctorate degree in learner autonomy and creative writing. Currently, Djalal teaches General English to both adult and young learners along with Business and Medical English to professionals. In addition, he has been serving as the Newsletter Editor and Social Media Manager of the LASIG of IATEFL since 2014. Furthermore, Djalal Tebib is an emerging international conference speaker who has delivered more than six talks at reputed international conferences (e.g. IATEFL) in many countries including the UK and France. In 2015, he published a couple of picture books and a few short stories subsequently. A year later, he was awarded a scholarship to attend an English Language Teacher’s Summer Seminar at the University of Oxford to boost his teaching skills.

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