Doris Ramos

Unlocking the potential of speaking activities for real-world conversation

Audience focus: All


Global awareness and international communication are vital aspects of the interconnected world we live in. Young people today have been sharing their ideas with an online global community for most of their lives. In this context, it is more important than ever that we, as English teachers, equip our students not only with the necessary language to join real-world conversations but also with sufficient knowledge to participate in these discussions competently. We want our students to have something to say and know how to say it.
During this session, we will demonstrate ideas of compelling speaking activities using authentic stories and photography from different National Geographic Learning series. Using real-world content, we will explore how to get students talking about relevant and contemporary topics, empowering them to become better communicators in English.


Doris Ramos is a CELTA-qualified English teacher and a representative for National Geographic Learning in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. She has an eclectic set of skills, having been published as a researcher in the healthcare sector and previously founded her own award-winning baking business, which she ran for five years. Having lived in various places and taken on many different roles throughout her life, she has developed a passion for education and global citizenship by teaching English learners from around the world. In her current role at National Geographic Learning, Doris works closely with English teachers to understand their needs and provide solutions that align the best practices for language teaching with engaging and fun content.

This talk is sponsored by National Geographic Learning.