Flor Lenglaert

A British Day at Talbot House

Audience focus: Teachers of adolescent learners, Teachers of adult learners, Teacher trainers


In order to learn a language as good as possible, it's important that the pupil is exposed to as many authentic situations as possible. That's why Talbot House and its British Days are a perfect place to learn and improve all key English skills! Talbot House opened its doors in 1915 by Chaplain Philip "Tubby" Clayton. Thousands of British soldiers entered the house to drink a cup of tea, play the piano, enjoy some time in the garden just like they could back at home.
It's exactly that which the pupils get to experience! Choose from our ready-made educational packages all with an extra whiff of Britishness! The ultimate idea is for students to communicate using the language skills they have and at the same time open up the opportunity for them to further develop their command of the English language. Differentiation is possible between groups. But within every group, it remains our objective to involve all pupils and offer them fresh opportunities during each and every of the sessions.

So, doubt no more, haste ye to Pops! The kettle is on...


Flor is a teacher English and Geography, who has been working at Talbot House since 2018. After finishing his international exchange to Norway and finishing his studies, he started working at Talbot House and is responsible for organising the British Days.