Heather Hansen webinar: Teaching pronunciation in global settings

It is estimated that non-native English speakers now outnumber native speakers 5 to 1. The great majority of our learners will use English as a lingua franca with other international professionals, not native speakers. What does this mean for pronunciation teaching? Do global leaders really need to sound ‘native’? How can we set appropriate and achievable pronunciation targets for our learners?

In this webinar, Global Speech Specialist Heather Hansen will give you practical pronunciation tools for the global English classroom. You will learn how to:

  • build learner confidence (and your own) by setting achievable pronunciation goals
  • prioritize pronunciation exercises based on what is really important in international settings and lingua franca communication
  • prepare students for communicating with both native and non-native speakers (hint: these groups ‘hear’ the language differently)
  • help your students develop the listening and accommodation skills they need for global business
  • integrate effective pronunciation activities into the work you are already doing in class


Heather Hansen is founder of the corporate training firm Global Speech Academy where she focuses on pronunciation and presentation skills training, workplace communication, and Global English. Originally from America and currently based in Denmark, she travels throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and even took her first trip to Africa this year, running full-day seminars, giving talks, and coaching one-on-one with global leaders from the world’s top multi-national companies. She is creator of the online Pronunciation Mastery Program, and has recently launched the 6-Figure English Teacher Business School. She is author/contributing author of 4 books, plus writes all her own teaching materials.