The Image Conference '19: Breakout Session 1.1

Image Conference: Breakout Session 1.1

Morning Plenary

9:15 – 10:15
Aula 3.13
Kieran Donaghy
What about the fifth skills of viewing?

In the English language curricula of a number of countries – for example, Canada, Australia and Singapore – two new skills, viewing and visually representing, have been added to the traditional skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Undoubtedly, these two new skills of viewing and representing will be integrated into national curricula throughout the world in the near future.

In this talk we will examine what viewing is and how we can help our students become more effective viewers by exploring a number of generic activities which can be used a variety of visual texts – photos, paintings, short films and videos. Teachers will go away from the talk with a clear understanding of what the skill of viewing is and a number of tried and tested viewing activities to use with their students.

Session 1.1 (10:25 – 11:10)

3.12 - Keynote Strand
Katherine Stannett
Looking Beyond the Classroom (Images)

The English classroom can and should be so much more than simply a place to learn a language. In this talk, I will be sharing some ways in which we can use images and videos to teach our learners about real lives, real places and real stories from around the world.

María Dolores Gómez Gómez
What's your type (face)? (Mental Imagery)

Typeface communicates a lot more than we may admit. We use different fonts, perhaps inadvertently, to convey how we feel and how we want others to feel. Creative uses of typography may promote inclusion and a change of narrative in the classroom, as well as a common culture.

David Geneste
Coming soon to your classroom: dystopian trailers (Film)

Dystopias are popular because they show the challenges our world is facing: technological advance, climate change and growing nationalism. This talk will introduce a number of dystopian film trailers such as District 9 and WALL∙E and explore their cinematographical merits, TESOL potential and issues relevant to young people.

François-Xavier Fiévez, Christelle Hoorelbeke, Natassia Schutz
An entrepreneurial approach to creating and assessing mobile application video teasers (Video)

In a cross-disciplinary project involving students in economics and as part of an English entrepreneurial-oriented course, second-year students in computer sciences create a video teaser to promote their mobile application project. This project enables both groups of students to develop to different extents linguistic, entrepreneurial, technical or soft skills. This talk will introduce the whole project.