The Image Conference '19: Breakout Session 1.3

Image Conference: Breakout Session 1.3

Session 1.3 (12:35 – 13:20)

3.12 - Keynote Strand
Stephanie Xerri Agius
Using Multimodal Materials for Sociocultural Awareness (Video)

This session demonstrates how multimodal materials can enhance leaners’ sociocultural awareness and trigger their creative language production (e.g. through song or video). Participants will become familiar with lesson ideas that involve using media such as song lyrics, spoken word poetry, or video, to raise awareness of topical issues in ELT.

Magdalena Brzezinska
Outsmarting the tyrants – using animation to let the world know (Film)

The workshop will be focused on using politically loaded animated films to raise student awareness. In particular, "Ketchup" by Chinese directors Yan Bai Shen and Guo Chun Ning will be discussed, and activities including ones mimicking social media interaction will be proposed.

Elsie Johnson
Tell Me A Story (Images)

This interactive workshop will demonstrate how capitalizing on the personal experiences of adult literacy learners are a rich source of authentic material. Creating a simple visual story leads to story retelling and gives students opportunities to share life experiences. Participants will view samples of storytelling techniques using visual prompts.

Helen Chapman
Using images effectively in pre-primary (Images)

This talk outlines how we can use images in the early years ELT context effectively. We will look at examples of how images can be used at different stages in the lesson for classroom management, to involve young children in their own learning, and to develop an understanding of diversity.