The Image Conference '19: Breakout Session 1.4

Image Conference: Breakout Session 1.4


13:20 – 14:30 (Exhibition Area)

Session 1.4 (14:30 – 15:15)

3.12 - Keynote Strand
Annelene Timmermans
Making pupils media lit! Integrating media literacy into language lessons (Images)

How can teachers make their pupils more media literate? This interactive workshop will enhance teachers’ media literacy skills and provide them with a practical toolbox and inspirational ideas for their English lessons. The activities will focus on images and videos, using the newest media literacy teaching techniques and methodology.

Maria Davou
Image Based Tool for Self-Assessment and Student Engagement (Images)

This presentation is about a classroom assessment tool, its design, purposes and preliminary results of use. The tool is called My Photo Self-Assessment (MPSA) and has been used with learners of all levels and ages, to track language development as perceived by the learner and promote learner engagement.

Cathy Salonikidis
Turning Reading into an Artbook (Art)

This workshop presents a team-based, interpersonal, and individual hands-on activity designed to achieve innovative and inventive teaching and to enhance out-of-the-box creative thinking by promoting diversity and imagination through Arts. The focus is on provoking interest and involvement by allowing students to turn any reading into an artbook.

Frank Mc Girr
Movies: The Language that's Missing in Language Learning (Film)

Movies are the richest resource available to language learners. Multi-sensory and immersive, they present authentic language in an emotionally enriching environment. Why then is film not the central component on all language courses? In this talk, Frank will share his experience of creating The English Language Film Club in Bremen