The Image Conference '19: Breakout Session 1.5

Image Conference: Breakout Session 1.5

Session 1.5 (15:25 – 16:10)

3.12 - Keynote Strand
Anna Whitcher & Victoria Pascual
Language teachers and video producers working together (Video)

Producers make videos based on what publishers say teachers want, but what if teachers could work with video producers directly and help to select the content? ELT ImageMakers have been experimenting with this new type of collaboration and see it as a vehicle for bringing visual literacy into the classroom more effectively.

Robert Campbell
Using videoscapes in roleplays (Images)

Classroom roleplays require a degree of imagination to be memorable and fun. Multimedia can help. Using images, video, and audio, we’ll re-create role plays in which participants practise language in a variety of situations. We’ll be using the ExLT ‘adventure’ The Island and a videoscape from Helbling’s new Studio course.

Marina Yesipenko
Multimodality in ESL: Writing is NOT daunting? (Images)

This workshop is grounded on the premise that the definition of writing needs to be shifted from composing solely written texts to constructing meanings by using multimodal resources such as image, sound, and other forms of communication. It focuses on practical ways of making textbook tasks more meaningful and interactive, in an attempt to overcome learners' reluctance to writing.

Emma Louise Pratt
Ways of Seeing: Drawing as a Physical Response (Art)

Drawing is a useful tool to open pathways of thinking and enrich communication in the language classroom. In this workshop, I will explain my artists in schools programme and we’ll try some different activities – with different lesson stages, age groups and scaffolding. Threaded through the activities will be the conference theme of migration.