The Image Conference '19: Breakout Session 2.2

Image Conference: Breakout Session 2.2

Session 2.2 (9:55 – 10:40)

3.12 - Keynote Strand
Joanna Norton
Uncovering Suppressed Voices (Images)

In his writings, the Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong’o brings us back to the colonial era to reveal that in all colonies, the first thing to go was language. The Indian writer Arundhati Roy weaves a similar thread through her words to argue the partition of India was in fact the partition of language. The enforced separation from the rhythm and musicality of one’s mother tongue was a violent experience shared by millions. While both writers remind us of this historical fact, today’s diverse classrooms remind us that yet again the past is the present. With populations on the move and languages migrating across borders, many students are schooled once more in the language of their former colonial masters.

While decolonizing the curriculum is an emerging trend within UK universities, for the voices of empire, reclaiming the native voice is a life process. As part of this process my lesson planning is dominated by the endless search for appropriate context that seeks to challenge traditional canons of knowledge to uncover the suppressed voice.

This presentation will introduce visual artists from the global diaspora to explore participatory models of ELT before moving to investigate the role of ELT as an emancipatory tool. The session will conclude with an emphasis on the need to interrogate the power dynamics underpinning the teacher-student relationship to ensure suppressed voices are voiced.

Linda Russ
‘I am a refugee’: identifying with the photo and other tasks (Images)

Powerful, engaging photos about real, political contexts mainly from the Global South, often supporting the underprivileged and dispossessed eg. refugees. In this workshop we will feast on many such photos available free on and try out 10 different practical tasks that can be used many times each in class.

Judy Boyle
Using images to educate about human trafficking and modern slavery (Images)

Over 40 million people are in slavery today yet the invisible crime is closer than we realise. This talk examines the bold, powerful images that play an integral part of The NO Project's free downloadable ELT educational material specifically designed for teachers of teen, young adult and adult learners.

Jo Cummins
Guided Visualisations – Accessing the Mind’s Eye (Mental Imagery)

Guided visualisations use words to create a window into students’ mental imagery, imagination and creativity. They can create a personalised and multi-sensory class experience. This practical workshop will allow participants to experience a visualisation and give them the opportunity to explore why and how to use them in their classrooms.

Coffee Break

10:40 – 11:00 (Exhibition Area)