The Image Conference '19: Breakout Session 2.3

Image Conference: Breakout Session 2.3

Session 2.3 (11:00 – 11:45)

3.12 - Keynote Strand
John Arnold
Using authentic video to curate and reproduce lexical chunks (Video)

The Lexical Approach is more than just getting students to memorize lists of chunks. It is about teaching students to recognize useable chunks and then reproducing them in appropriate contexts. This interactive workshop takes you through one approach to accomplish this using TEDTalks.

Aiden Yeh
Im)Migrants’ Socio-symbolic Significance & Urban Linguistic Landscape: A Task-based Project (Images)

In this talk, I will share a collaborative task-based project that teaches adult learners how to conduct a small research on language(s) and identity of (im)migrants, and the effects of their socio-symbolic significance on a city’s urban linguistic landscape using Taiwan’s social and educational context as an example.

Anna Whitcher
Scriptwriting & Storyboarding: The Basics (Video)

Have you ever been curious about the video creation process in ELT? Do terms like voice over, storyboarding, and pick-up lines sound foreign to you? In this workshop, participants will learn basic film terms that apply to the ELT video creation process and apply this knowledge to typical project examples.

George Chinnery, William Mwinuka & Michael Auerbach
Using student-created virtual reality to foster social-emotional learning and English skills (VR)

In this talk, the panelists will present on a pilot project in which 25 Tanzanian teenagers volunteered to participate in weekly series of virtual reality and social-emotional learning activities to bolster their English skills. The presentation will address the tools and activities, learning gains, and challenges faced.