Jessica Morseau & Hannes Pype

AI-deas & strategies for language teachers & learners - Part 2

Audience focus: Teachers of young learners, Teachers of adolescent learners, Teachers of adult learners, Business English teachers, Teacher trainers, Freelance teachers


While trying to build bridges between traditional education and the future with artificial intelligence, we will dive into the fascinating world of AI tools.
In this second session, we can get our pupils to use AI tools to improve their learning experience. Additionally, we will give participants specific lesson ideas that make use of AI technologies. We'll give you ideas on how to reinvent your lesson by adding an AI twist and provide you with some AI tools that will be helpful for your students. We hope to motivate you to board the AI train by sharing our lesson plans and recommendations!

You can attend this session only or also attend Part 1.


Jessica Morseau is a seasoned educator with a rich 23-year history in teaching. For the past 8 years, she has been a dedicated CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) teacher of English and social studies & economics at Sint-Jozef Humaniora in Bruges.
Jessica’s passion for CLIL, didactics, and teaching led her to become a CLIL teacher trainer for POV and a lecturer at Howest’s School for Education. Her dual role as a teacher and teacher trainer allows her to combine the best of both worlds, bringing practical experience and cutting-edge methodologies to her training sessions. Her focus extends beyond traditional teaching methodologies, delving into the integration of IT and AI tools in education. She has always been keen on exploring new trends, pushing the boundaries of conventional teaching.
Beyond the classroom, Jessica contributes as a co-author for Pelckmans Publications, shaping English coursebooks that empower students on their language learning journey.

Hannes Pype was born on 23 December 1982. He currently teaches English, ICT CLIL and Communication Sciences at Spes Nostra Kuurne, where he has been teaching for 20 years now. He also contributed to some of the (New) Ace coursebooks for Pelckmans as an author. Apart from this, he enjoys spending time with his two daughters and is a passionate musician who plays in a number of bands.
As an EFL teacher, Hannes has always had a keen interest in emerging technologies and has attempted to integrate them into the classroom in a way that enhances students' learning experiences. He is adamant that educators should work with pupils to benefit from readily available technology rather than trying to outlaw it.