Karin Heuert Galvão

Karin Heuert Galvão

Sundays with BELTA Webinar Series 2018-2019

Reviving rapport: Meaningful connections that matter

Karin Heuert Galvão

10 March 2019


Have lessons become ‘just like another lesson’? Have you been lacking connection with your students? Establishing solid relationships is no easy task in your personal life, let alone in the professional environment. In this webinar, we’ll look closely at how we, as teachers, can build meaningful relationships with our students which will consequently reflect on their linguistic development.

Karin's Bio:

Having graduated in Languages and with a background in Law, Karin Heuert Galvão has worked in ELT and training for nearly two decades. At i-Study Interactive Learning, a language school based in São Paulo, Brazil, she works as Director of Studies. She is a Google Educator and also works as a Teacher and Teacher Trainer specialized in Business English. Karin holds certificates as Life Coach by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), International Association of Coaching (IAC), the Professional Coaching Alliance (PCA), the Association for Coaching and Sociedade Latino Americana de Coaching (SLAC). At Omeltech Desenvolvimento, a training center based in São Paolo, she works closely with the International Leadership Programs as a corporate trainer. She has recently launched her own blog: ‘Karin blogs about’, where she blogs about teaching, training, education, business, motherhood, travelling and much more (www.karinblogsabout.com)