Laurine De Menna

Some of your students would like to do an exchange program abroad?
Here are some tips to get them ready !

Audience focus: Teachers of adolescent learners

Going abroad during their studies is getting more and more commun among our students. They want to discover another culture, see how it looks like to live like a local in another country. They also look for other experiences which will help them to become more fluent in a language. We all think of English of course but other languages like Dutch, German, Spanish are also popular.
With the presentation you will learn more about how to prepare your students for this wonderful experience. Moreover, we will explain which countries are possible for the high school program (which is the main program students are looking for) and when they can do it.
We will also point out which elements you should pay attention to as students always have some stereotypes about this kind of program.
A concrete example will be going to the USA. A lot of teenagers think that they will go to Los Angeles, Miami or New York as these are the cities we see in our series, etc. However, the USA is something else as well.
We will show you different activities you can do with your students in order to prepare them for the cultural shock. We will also propose you some fun activities you can do like a blind test and a quiz in order to see which knowledge your students have about these countries.
Our presentation will end with our student Eva, who will explain her high school program in Alaska. She went there for one semester during the school year 2019/2020.

Laurine has been working for Information Planet for 2 years now. She has always been passioned about travels and after her Erasmus in Sweden as an English teacher, she realized how important it was to go abroad during her studies. She became more fluent in English but she also learned that this experience helped her to be more open-minded and tolerant.

This talk is sponsored by Information Planet.