Macmillan Education

Education is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Macmillan Education is at the forefront of this change, providing solutions that enhance the teaching and learning experience for everyone, at every stage of education.
As technology opens new doors for teachers and students, we use our expertise to create products that suit different learning styles and design innovative new tools for teachers and students.
We produce high-quality, trusted educational materials and provide support to teachers and students, so they can get the most from what we publish. Our 2023 ELT materials are a click away -
We also highly recommend looking into our comprehensive programme, Advancing Futures, on our website. Advancing Futures is designed to introduce the topics of global citizenship, sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion into classrooms around the world. It helps teachers share knowledge, develop skills and promote attitudes and actions to bring about positive and lasting change. It engages students with key elements of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and empowers them to work towards a fairer, more sustainable future.