Marta Bujakowska

Ask me a Question to Find Out

Audience focus: Teachers of adolescent learners, Teachers of adult learners,Teacher trainers, Freelance teachers


Providing quick opinions is our defence mechanism against the world with all its complications and challenges. However, as we now know, it tends to do more harm than good. Through a few practical examples we will explore on how to ecourage our students to ask questions promoting critical thinking and discouraging premature conclusions and hasty opinions. For language teachers, this will serve as inspiration to incorporate more conversations into their classes.


Marta Bujakowska is a teacher and teacher trainer from Poland with a strong intercultural focus and special interest in reflective teaching, learner autonomy, creative and innovative methodologies and CLIL. She volunteered for IATEFL Poland from 1994 to 2021 and came back in 2023 as Liaision Officer. She also has volunteered for IATEFL since 2017, she is a member of Associates Committee.