Melanie Hussell

How to begin teaching Presentation Skills in schools to reduce fear

Audience focus: All


Many of my clients suffer from real fear when speaking in front of an audience. They tell me this fear began when they were at school and it has held them back from sharing their great ideas and expertise for years. Many are scientists, engineers, lawyers, some with PhDs. They detest the spotlight and are often introverts. Few have received help and the tools needed to share their gifts with confidence.
So how can we as English language teachers prepare our students to start to embrace this essential soft skill, this power skill?
First, we will explore PSA (Public speaking anxiety) and then I will share some suggestions for a step by step approach to reduce the stress levels of your students.
Next, we will discover the first vocal technique I work on with my clients. Why? How? And when to Pause? Not only to be engaging but also to help calm the speaker’s nerves and convey confidence. And finally, we will do an activity you can implement immediately in your classrooms.
Together we need to empower our youth to raise their voices with more confidence.


As Business Communication Coach, Melanie Hussell works with executives and senior managers on their Public Speaking skills, using four powerful communication pillars: language, voice and body, presentation techniques and pronunciation. Following a corporate career, her CELTA qualification and teaching Business English in Brussels, Melanie set out to empower non-native English speakers to raise their voices, share their expertise and drive change regardless of their English level or accent.
Eventually native speakers reached out and now her clients are located throughout Europe and in North America. She coaches on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, through her own 12-module elearning ‘Persuasive Presentations’ course (suitable for B2 and C1 language levels) and an AI coaching app.