Natascha Coene and Bart Deferme: English goes outside the class

Presentation focus

After giving an overview of our European projects up till now, we would like to illustrate with a few examples how we use these project within the English lessons:

  • Listening exercise created by Finland
  • Creation of a card game (grammar)
  • Research competence and presentations within the WWI project

Inspired by the projects we have now got a vision statement on internationalisation and students have translated part of our school website. This school year we have started teaching CLIL classes in English. It is a gradual introduction. We teach religious education, history and mathematics (quite unique in Flanders) in the third form. European projects offer real life situations to use English. Even students that are not that good at English enjoy these projects and benefit from it in different ways. CLIL also helps us to prepare students better for their future lives.

Bio Natascha Coene

Natascha has been teaching since 1994, at first both English and Dutch at this moment only English. Ten years ago I started to get involved with the Comenius - now Erasmus+ - projects. I try to make a link between my lessons and the projects as often as possible.

Bio Bart Deferme

Bart teaches mathematics in the third and fourth form. This year I have started to teach CLIL maths in the third form. For more than ten years I have been involved in the Comenius and Erasmus+ projects.