Nathan Van Herck

Tackling CLIL challenges: a digital perspective

Audience focus: Teachers of young learners, Teachers of adolescent learners, Teacher trainers, Freelance teachers


As an English language teacher, you might also teach CLIL, or one day you might be asked by your headmaster to teach CLIL, or to cooperate with a CLIL colleague. Now, due to CLIL's recent popularity and trendiness, criticism of the CLIL approach has been underexposed. What are the challenges? And how do we face them? In this presentation, you will see practical examples of how digital tools and flipping the classroom can compensate for certain negative effects of the CLIL approach.


I obtained my teacher's degree in English and history at Odisee University College in June 2022. As a teacher trainee, I did placements in a CLIL school, where I taught history in English. My final dissertation, promoted by Ada Peters, was entitled 'Tackling CLIL challenges: a digital perspective'.
I'm currently in my first year as a teacher in the Broederschool in Sint-Niklaas, where I teach English in the 4th year and CLIL-geography in the 2nd year. During summer holidays, I'm a language coach at Roeland camps in England.