Nerina Conte: Rules are nothing; practice is everything

Presentation focus

This workshop will provide practical examples of successful as well as some of the less obvious yet essential do’s and don’ts of language practice tasks.

Why have you chosen this topic for your presentation?

Are rules the means or the aim of a lesson? Some teachers seem to like focusing extensively on rules or provide activities that have students running up and down and dictating things to each other. I wonder if the learners’ English has improved as a result of these approaches. Sometimes I think we are doing the right things for the wrong reasons. In this session we’ll be evaluating a broad selection of common classroom practices to ensure our students practice language and we can measure their progress.

What do you want participants to take away from your presentation?

Participants will take away a better understanding of the principles behind restricted practice and a broad selection of techniques to enhance this.


Nerina has been an English teacher since 1989. She has taught in different European countries. She has been a CELTA teacher trainer since 2000. She is director and centre administrator of Language Teacher Training in Belgium, the only Cambridge University authorised centre in Belgium that offers CELTA , Young Learner training courses, TKT, and Delta courses.