Exploiting teaching materials

11/09/2022 - 21:13

BELTA is happy to welcome Matt Done again for the start of the new webinar series! Make the most of your teaching materials in the new school year and join Matt and the BELTA community for his FREE webinar on 29 September.

On Thursday 29 September at 19.30 CET, BELTA is hosting a webinar on Exploiting teaching materials by Matt Done.
The webinar is free and open to all. Matt's presentation will take about 45 minutes. After that there will be 15 minutes for questions.


Most language teachers use some kind of material in their lessons - course books, for example. But do we really unlock their full potential?
What learning opportunities might be hiding beneath the surface of a typical course book exercise?
In this webinar, we'll learn to spot and exploit these opportunities, and squeeze even more life out of our teaching materials.

Watch Matt's teaser for his webinar here:


Matt Done is a director of studies, teacher, and teacher trainer based in Malta.
He has been involved in ELT for 16 years and has a special interest in lexical teaching and the pedagogical application of corpora.
He already presented two webinars for BELTA. You can watch them here and here.

How to join

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You will then receive a link to the webinar a few days before 29 September.

This webinar took place on 29 September 2022.