Global Educators Conversations 4 & 18 June 2022

09/05/2022 - 22:11

BELTA Day 2022 speaker Annelene Timmermans is organizing online Global Educators Conversations in June. Many BELTA Day participants expressed an interest, so BELTA is sharing this information with you all.

During her workshop and the panel conversation at BELTA Day 2022, Annelene Timmermans mentioned the Global Educators Conversations she is organizing in June. Many participants expressed an interest, so BELTA is sharing this information with you all.

Global Educators Conversations are recurring 75-minute virtual sessions, organized and facilitated by Prof. dr. Stephanie Flores-Koulish (USA) and Annelene Timmermans (Belgium), in which participants reflect on and discuss topics related to education with the intent of providing an opportunity for educators to exchange professional views and experiences internationally. These conversations give teachers from different countries and backgrounds a chance to deepen their understanding of educational issues as well as exchange resources and practical tips for their classrooms.

Global Educators Conversation Saturday 4 June 2022: SOCIAL JUSTICE

- How can social justice teaching approaches ensure that we are teaching our students to respect one another?
- What topics do you cover in your classroom that connect us globally in compassionate ways? How do you do this?
- How do you teach to ensure that your students become more accepting of each other despite racial, religious, sexual orientation or identity, etc. differences?

Global Educators Conversation Saturday 18 June 2022: ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE

- In what ways do you or your colleagues teach about our climate crisis?
- How might we engage in media literacy education to help our students develop an eco-justice mindset?

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Don't hesitate to share this opportunity with your network. Global Educators Conversations are open to any teacher interested in international exchange.