How to make students love the language they learn

16/09/2021 - 11:36

Ania Nakonieczna is going to share her experience of using coaching methods in the language classroom. She will focus on meaningful communication and establishing a true relationship between students and a teacher.

On Tuesday 28 September at 19.00 CEST, BELTA is hosting a webinar on
How to make students love the language they learn by Ania Nakonieczna​.
The webinar is free and open to all. Ania's presentation will take about 45 minutes. After that there will be 15 minutes for questions.


I believe that contemporary English teachers, especially in the post-covid era, have to extend their qualifications and focus more on the people, not only on the language they teach.
What I have been doing over the last few years was combining coaching tools with traditional teaching methods. I do understand that not every teacher has coaching qualifications but I think that some basic psychological knowledge is absolutely necessary to create a friendly atmosphere and make students engaged in the learning processes. That is why I have created let’s talk conversation cards – an innovative method that can be used by any teacher in the world and that has proved to be efficient and much loved by both students and teachers in Poland.

What we all aim for, as teachers of foreign languages, is of course developing communication skills - both receptive and productive ones. Basically what seems to be of great importance to many of us is achieving a high level of language performance, accuracy and fluency. However, apart from these obvious goals, my holy grails are building group relations, assuming a positive attitude to the learning processes, talking about issues that really matter and boosting students’ self-esteem.

During my talk I will show some basic and classroom-adaptable coaching tools, present the ‘tricks’ I have used in my cards and prove that teaching/learning a language can be much more engaging and ravishing.
Ania made a video teaser for this webinar. You can watch it here.


Ania Nakonieczna has been teaching kids, teenagers and adults for almost 18 years. She is a teacher trainer, examiner, academic tutor and coach.
She is a co-funder and CEO of EIRU (a publishing house specialising in educational and coaching materials for teachers, psychologists and trainers).
She is a mum and a wife, madly in love with Spain, jazz, yoga and meringue cakes.

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This webinar took place on 28 September 2021.