PANEL Discussion: Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

On a typical BELTA day, we start off with a plenary session which introduces the theme of the conference and gets us all eager for more. This year we want to try something new and get all delegates together again at the end of the day.
What better way to further explore the theme of Continuous Professional Development than a panel discussion?

Speaker Ron Morrain, company manager, HR consultant and language teaching specialist, will first set the scene in his introductory talk.

It’s conference time again, and time to reflect on what Continuous Professional Development is all about.

- What do we need to know before we dive into the world of webinars, workshops, and online learning?
- What should happen before we decide to take a workshop?
- What conversation should we have with ourselves about CPD?
- Where should a teacher start their CPD journey?
- When should a teacher start their CPD journey?
- What direction should teachers take on their personal CPD journey?

This - any many more questions - will be dealt with in his introductory talk and the Panel Discussion that he will monitor afterwards.
Listen to what experienced teachers, trainers, and professors have to say about the state of CPD in today’s ever-changing world of ELT.
At the end, the panel will answer questions from the audience.
The panellists are Silvana Richardson, Bruno Leys, Annelene Timmermans. Matt Done, Melanie Hussell and George Kokolas.


Ron Morrain is an American (Houston, Texas), and currently lives and works in Germany. He is co-founder and Director of Studies at the Language Learning Centers Europe which is headquartered in Duisburg, Germany. He is also the Educational Consultant for Syntax Solutions located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has been working as an Educational Consultant and Business English Trainer for over 25 years internationally.
You can find Ron's full bio here.