Practical Information

Practical Information

Getting to the Venue

The conference will be held at Odisee, which is a university college located in the centre of Brussels. We are housed on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Hermes building, which is located on Stormstraat (Rue d’Assaut 2). Here is a link to Google Maps.

If you are coming to the conference by train, which we recommend, make sure to get off at Central Station in Brussels. The venue is about a 5-minute walk from the Central Station. We will have signage up in the Station and on the route to the venue.
If you are coming by bus, by metro or by car then find more info on the Odisee website.
Please note: there is no parking available at the venue.

Arriving at the Venue

When you arrive at the venue, enter through the main entrance on Stormstraat 2 (Rue d’Assaut). There will be a volunteer to greet you. You can either take the staircase or the elevator up to the 1st floor. A volunteer will lead you directly to the registration table.


Registration opens at 8:00. Upon arriving on the 1st floor, head to the registration table to receive your name badge, your programme, your wifi login and your gift bag. Then head over to the Exhibition Hall for some coffee.

Official Opening & First Plenary

The conference begins with an official opening at 9:00. The Plenary room is located on the 2nd floor. The doors to the plenary room will open around 8:45. There is a waiting area on the side of the plenary room if you want to get a seat close to David Crystal.

Mr Crystal’s first plenary will begin promptly at 9:15.

Breakout Sessions

The majority of the breakout rooms are located on the 2nd floor, but two breakout rooms are located on the 1st floor. Make sure you plan your travel time carefully. Although the breakout rooms are much larger than in previous years, seating is limited. There is no pre-registration for sessions, so seats are available on a first come basis. If there is a session you really need to see, get there early.

Note that throughout the day, we have 5 ‘double’ sessions. If you attend a double session, please plan on staying for 85 minutes instead of 40 minutes.

Make sure you check out the final schedule and plan your day accordingly.


Lunch will be served on the 1st floor just beyond the registration area. There will be a variety of sandwiches, including some for vegetarians.
The food and drinks tables will be more accessible than previous years because of the change of location. There is plenty of seating in the café area where the lunch is served, in the registration area, and – if weather permits – on the terrace outside the Exhibition Hall.

Special Presentation

Because this is our 5th conference, we will be holding a short presentation ceremony right after lunch. At this time, we will serve dessert and present some recognition awards. We will only be using a small portion of the 30 minutes set aside, so you can have more time to visit and chat with the ELT exhibitors.

Second Plenary & Raffle/Reception

After two more breakout sessions, we will gather for David Crystal’s final plenary in the same room we used in the morning. Right after this plenary, we will gather back in the Exhibition Hall for a reception and a raffle featuring wonderful prizes donated by our ELT exhibitors. You won’t want to miss out on a chance to go home with an extra gift! The Reception will end around 17:50. We will need to vacate the venue by 18:00.

International delegates

There are plenty of hotels in all price ranges near the venue.


If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at